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Your skills and experience are unique and valuable. 
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We are about Lifecycle Marketing & Customer Engagement

It's time to meet your clients wherever they are in their buying journey.
This membership is about how to do just that.

Client Attraction

Develop your Target Market awareness of you and your brand. Help them identify their needs and how you can help them achieve their goals. Engagement is everything. 


Continue to educate in order to evaluate your proposed solution and to motivate them to take action. Give more when necessary to make sure they don't forget you. 

Delighting the customer

Provide exceptional customer services and products while delivering experiences that turn happy customers into loyal lifelong advocates. Engagement is at the centre of everything. 


For small business owners and entrepreneurs who have built a business but struggle to attract a consistent flow of their perfect clients. We're helping businesses market to the needle, not the haystack
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February 16, 2020

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It's about people like you...

Small business owners and entrepreneurs who have built a business but struggle. The struggle is real and there's so much involved in wearing so many hats. 

  • You struggle to attract a consistent flow of your perfect ideal clients 
  • You are exhausted by all the work you've done to attract your ideal clients, suffering slow and unsatisfactory results.
  • You are frustrated growing your business and your bottom line. 
  • You are ready to re-evaluate your business direction and adjust your current business practices so you can understand and grow your decisions and results. 
  • You're ready to upgrade your relationship with your customers and your business. 

Powerful courses and resources to streamline your business

You are an expert in your field, and you enjoy supporting your customers with your knowledge and creativity. Being able to fill in the business-running blanks while you delight your customers will separate you from your competitors. You'll get that help here!

Don’t settle for just a course - join a community of like minded business people

You'll have a private place to grow, support and inspire you

No matter what you're focused on, each area of study will have a community of focus devoted to that topic. You are never alone and will have access to community-based bonuses, activities and support. As much or a little as you need.

What's included




  • Challenger Bundle contents
  • #30minutemasterclass webinars
  • Member level discount coupons
  • Priority updates on new offerings
  • Discounted Business Summit access*
  • Silver level members community*

Based on membership level

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  • Silver level content*
  • 2 Group coaching sessions monthly
  • Business Growth programs
  • New courses added regularly
  • 1 Free Business Summit per year*
  • Gold level members community*

Based on membership level

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  • Silver & Gold content*
  • 1:1 coaching session x2/month
  • Executive Business Growth programs
  • Quarterly focus planning sessions
  • Monthly business-driven magazine
  • 2 Free Busines Summits per year
  • Platinum members community

Based on membership level

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